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    fluteGGMM Guest

    Default 8 hour rule

    i don't want the eight our you??

    complain here: [url][/url]

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    007 Guest

    Default eight hour rule

    what's the eight hour rule?

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    Trumpetguru Guest

    Default Poor Texas bands!!! (8 hour rule)

    The 8 hour rule is a rule imposed by Texas's University Interscholastic League (UIL) that allows bands to practice a total of 8 hours during the calendar week. The old rule allowed 8 hours during the school week (Monday-Friday). This rule was brought into effect in 1996 after many parents complained that bands were marching 4 or 6 hours on Saturday and students were being exhausted in the brutal Texas heat. Unfortunately, this rule only applies to Texas bands.

    -Band Fan

    >what's the eight hour rule?

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    sax_slinger Guest

    Default 8 hours

    The 8 hour rule is meant to protect the academic status of students that are in band. It is to make sure that the director gives their students enough time for the school work, so that there grades do not fall short. Also, to give band members opportunities to belong to more than just band and not have to miss student council meetings, sports practices, or club meetings. The 8 hour rule is needed, but I think maybe it should be extended to say, 10 hours...

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    taft band nerd Guest

    Default I love band

    Personally, i would love to abolish the eight hour rule, I mean, our band could be so much better that way!--I wouldn't mind it at all...unfortunately, if most of my fellow 249 band students were reading this, and knew who I was, there would probably be a severe beating. I LOVE marching band!! I got a better idea--march all year, and abolish concert season!

    band nerd

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    BandLover Guest

    Default Year-Round Marching Band

    Hey, I wouldn't hurt you. I think it's a good idea. I can't stand symphonic band either. It's a lot of fun sometimes since I love music, but after a while I just get sick of it. We don't have to practice everyday before school though, so that's not too bad. But the practices really help us out. I think they should have an optional full year marching band. I mean that way people could actually have a choice and stuff or do both or something. I think that they just evented a marching band for entertainment during football games. Once football dies, so does marching. But I think this is wrong. We can easily entertain at volleyball games, basketball games, and even on the baseball field... JK :o)

    Fellow BandLover

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    sax_slinger Guest

    Default I love BAND!!!

    I have got to be the biggest bandnerd in the Taft band... you know that saxophone that never stops playing and is always playing the show music on the piano? That's me... I mean c'mon, how sad is that. I should get an award or something. Anyways... I would love to abolish the 8 hour rule but I'm afraid the loyalty to the band would plumit and we'd end up with a band half the size it is now. And the Taft band can't be small anymore... it's like a rule. But I think maybe this year the jazz band will be playing at pep rallies after marching season ends... you should join us, whoever you are...

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