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Thread: South Carolina State Marching Band Championships Class 5A Finals Results

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    Default South Carolina State Marching Band Championships Class 5A Finals Results

    1. Wando 95.850
    2. Boiling Springs 94.275
    3. Summerville 92.725
    4. Dorman 91.425
    5. James F. Byrnes 90.050
    6. Lexington 87.850
    7. Mauldin 87.225
    8. Spartanburg 87.025

    Congrats to all the bands that performed! It was an entertaining night and I was impressed by the overall quality of the finalist bands.

    My favorites were Wando, Boiling Springs, and Byrnes. After seeing both Wando and BS at the BOA Atlanta regional, I honestly thought that BS had a chance to overtake Wando, but I was mistaken. Regardless, they both had fantastic shows!
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    Great show! This was my first time going down to the SC 5A State Championships and I was not disappointed.

    Some observations..
    -I was a little surprised at how top heavy the lineup was. It was very clear who the best 8 bands were in prelims.

    -James F. Byrnes was VERY dirty in prelims but really turned it up in finals and should have beaten Dorman IMO. That was the Byrnes I remember winning WCU back in 2002.

    -If this was a BOA show the gap between Boiling Springs and Summerville would have been closer to 6 or 7 points.

    -After having seen Boiling Springs at both WCU and Atlanta it caught me off guard when they didn't perform their tag ending in prelims. They added it back in for finals though and had a performance that I think should have been closer to Wando. If it wasn't for Wando's incredible visual design then there may have been a new State Champion. Nonetheless, if this was any other year I could see Boiling Springs sneaking into finals at Nationals much like Wando did last year. But as stacked as the lineup is I don't see that happening. I do however see them being as high as the 13th-15th range.

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    I agree 100% with your comments!
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