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Thread: Great Marching Show Ideas

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    Default Great Marching Show Ideas

    We come to the end of a marching season and now need to start looking for another marching show. PLEASE, if you have any ideas for a marching show please post them. Our band has about 150-170 people and we have a about 100-120 winds. The band is still growing so those numbers are rough estimates. We compete against some very good bands such as L.D Bell.

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    i got one...its called.... HIGGINBOTHAM
    Berkner H.S.
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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    How about ANYTHING BUT AARON FRIGGIN' COPELAND? That's what our director's proposing for next year.....if he does, I'll most definitely be finding a new school...anyone need a sax player? Or bass player? Guitarist? Keyboardist? Percussionist? Drum Major? Heck, singer?

    My show ideas:

    -Overture 1928
    -Fatal Tragedy (dig that 5/4 section)
    -The Spirit Carries On

    -Black Magic Woman
    -Smooth (cliched, but imagine how awesome the solo part would be)

    3. RADIOHEAD (Yes, I said RADIOHEAD!)
    -The National Anthem (rotating improv solos for the whole song)
    -Life In A Glass House
    -Exit Music (For A Film)
    -Motion Picture Soundtrack
    -Paranoid Android (the whole dang thing)

    For all of these, the arrangements would be shortened in order to make the music fit, but the essential parts would be kept. Anyone like any of these?

    -Tommy G, Head EHS Sax Guy
    J.R.I.A.D.A. 1st Consul

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    a civil war theme or somethin

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    Whatever you do try not to use ANY electronic sounds or music of any kind. Do not have the band dance in any way or do any visual moves to enhance the program. Do not allow the colorguard to use any colors that are pleasing to the eye or compliment the show. Stay away from solos or ensembles and definately do not make it exciting in any way. Music that has been proven to work numerous times on the marching field is usuallly a good choice. Try to not be original.

    Just some suggestions. Hopefully you catch the humor in this...

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    I have been pushing for a few big bands in the north of your caliber to do ELO (Electric Light Orchestra).
    My concept would start out with a pit solo doing the begining guitar parts to "Strange Magic" while the band is in a close block doing hand/arm movement visuals. Then they would all pick up their instr. and go into "Evil Woman". From there I'd have to get back to you <ha ha> (guess I should have been more prepared). But that's just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading! -Carlo

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    HAHA!!! Radiohead marching band! YESS!!!

    man... exit music for a film would be interesting.. would have to have either a huge amp for a bassist (yes, i believe that WOULD be totally nessesary, i know some schools have a bass player in the pit, but some don't) or some massive PA to get that nasty distorted bass sound LOUD.. I love that part of the song =)

    national anthem would be cool.. just have the entire brass section play randomly in specific spots..

    I could see a drumline going crazy during "pulk/pull revolving doors" oh yes... that'd be sweet.

    LD Bell Tuba line

    ps. have you heard the new EP yet? what i've heard of it is really good, some songs i didn't think would transition well (like spinning plates, namely) fit perfectly live. i might be wrong is rocking, it's sped up quite a bit..

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    Heh, we did a Copeland show at my scho9ol once at it rocked. A radiohead show would be cool, i wouldnt mind seeing "Karma POlice."

    CHeck out what the Reeth-sPuffer band did this year. "Alice in Bandland" was a cool original idea and you might want to try it.

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    Default RE: Great Marching Show Ideas

    Has anyone ever heard of someone doing a show around Peter and the Wolf? I thought that would be cool. How about a Gershwin compilation...Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris, more I cant think of...

    **Harlingen HS, TX**
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    Ok, so I went to see Harry Potter last night, and I realized how amazing the music in there is. That would make for an awesome show. There are plenty of dissonant dark movements and of course, nice full major sections. I'm not sure about concept yet, but whatever.

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