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• If you get a large number of results, try eliminating the articles "the, a, an, etc." and use key words. Select "All Fields" and "All The Words" in the Search fields (eg. OVER RAINBOW to find "Over the Rainbow" or JAMES BOND to find all songs in the database from the James Bond films)

• When looking for music from a film, try searching for the Film Title if you can't find your song. Most film music is owned by the same publisher so a different song from the same film will most likely have the same copyright owner.

• If you can't find a specific song by an Artist, try searching for the Artist name instead of the song title. The song you're looking for may go by a slightly different name than you are using (eg. "Thanks for the Memories" by Fall Out Boy is actually spelled "Thnks fr th Mmrs")

• If there is no "Print Rights Holder" listed you will need to contact the Copyright Owner listed directly.